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About DeVine Hair & Body

Rootz Hairdressing is based on giving customers the best service but at a competitive price and this is why it is a home salon with an overqualified and passionate hairdresser. We have gone to great lengths to provide customers with top range products and services and the testimonials we have received let us know we are doing just that. Being in the hair industry and seeing how some of my client’s hair has been damaged from wrong styling, chemical abuse and ill advice pushed me to research more into healthy hair care and damage prevention. My desires to gain more knowledge in this field pushed me into taking courses and in turn lead to the DeVine range.

After much research and watching the demand for hair and body products made from a natural blend of raw and organic herbs and oils increase; we started paving the way for the DeVine Hair & Body range. All our products are hand blended with specific oils. These products were made to help hair keep and improve its health and also to give skin the nutrients it deserves through the natural resource of raw and unrefined goodness! 


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