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Please note that all prices listed below are starting prices and therefore, price can vary. 


Braids & Twists

Short Weave £80

Crotchet Weave £70

Full Head Weave £70

Weave with closure £75

Weave with leave-out £65

Weave Wash £40

Weave Take-Out £25

Crotchet Take-Out £25

Braids £70

Faux Locs £100

Knotless Braids £90

Cornrows £35              

Ghana Braids £50

Twists £70

Kinky Twist £60

Crotchet Braids £70

Braid Takeout £35

Affirm £65 
Design Essentials £55
Your Own Relaxer £55


*All relaxer prices include a hair treatment    

Natural Hair
Children (Up to age 10)

Protein Treatment £45

Conditioning Treatment £45

Wash & Blow-dry £45

Customised Hair Treatments £65 

Costumised hair treatments are made with natural herbs and oils tailored to your specific hair needs and price includes an in-depth hair consultation

Natural Hair Styling £30

African Hair Threading £50

Braids £35

Cornrow £20

Kinky Twists £35

Cornrow (with extentions) £30

Wash & Blow-dry (incl. treatment) £45

We also stock a wide range of extensions for crotchet and braid styles

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